ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

The recruitment process

We build and strengthen solidarity by connecting and organizing people committed to a common cause.


The overall objective of the recruitment process is to ensure that the most qualified Advisors are selected for a specific post. Another important objective is to foster and secure ownership in the selection process among the involved parties. It is crucial that the partner organizations and collaborators requesting an Advisor take an active part in formulating the job description.

An Advisor job description may be circulated back and forth between the recruiting office and the People4Change team several times for mutual feedback and comments, until it is finally approved by the People4Change team. 


Once the job description has been approved, the recruiting AA office agrees on a recruitment plan together with the People4Change team. Thereafter, a recruitment team is identified include a representative from People4Change, the National ActionAid office and a partner representative. 



Inspirators are recruited through an online database called the Inspirator Roster. All interested candidates apply online and go through a thorough screening procedure to ensure that only the most qualified individuals are validated as potential Inspirator candidates. 

It is crucial that the partner organizations and collaborators requesting an Inspirator take an active part in formulating the Terms of Reference (including job description). Once the terms of reference has been approved by People4Change, the team will do a search and match and provide up to 8 relevant anonymous CVs for initial assessment by the recruiting partner organization. The partner organization will select up to 3 candidates, those candidates will be provided with the terms of reference, and the AA office and Partner organization will carry out a phone interview with each candidate with joint responsibility to assess, which candidate is most suitable for the placement. 

Global Contact 

This is the leading volunteer programme in Denmark. For one month the volunteers receive training at a Global Platform in a developing country in globalization, developing problems, history and culture. Afterwards they live for 3-4 months with a local family and participate in the work of a local NGO.


How to make a request for capacity building support through People4Change


Inspirators and Advisors 

Inspirators and Advisors can be requested as part of annual national planning processes or as ad hoc placements. After an initial budget approval, the process revolving around the specific placements will begin. The steps are as follows: 

a) The placement of Advisors and Inspirators requires a thorough preparation process in order to ensure that placements are relevant and effective. If not already completed, a needs assessment and a People4Change specific needs assessment should be made for each placement and a Terms of Reference (ToR)/Job description will thereafter be formulated.  

b) The ToR/Job Description should be forwarded to the People4Change team for initial assessment and comments, and a final approval. 

c) The People4Change team will support the recruitment process that follows. It is the responsibility of the recruiting AA Office and/or partner organization to select the final candidate. People4Change will only play a facilitating role. 

Further, it is necessary that the partner organization realizes and prepares for the period of placement of an Advisor or Inspirator; meaning appropriate time allocation, engagement and preparations (some in the form of budget allocation for activities within programme plans) and support the mobilization of these to receive the capacity building. Your nearest ActionAid office will support and guide you through expectations and commitments.

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The General Needs Assessment (1) 

This may take place during the partnership preparation and planning, during monitoring visits or mid-term evaluations, or arise as an ad hoc need. The needs assessment should help to determine availability, non-availability and adequacy of essential capacities needed to achieve the organization’s mission. 

The Specific People4Change Needs Assessment (2) 

This must be worked on in collaboration with the partner organization(s) prior to any People4Change placement. It will provide an indication of the capacity development needs within the partner organization. These may be related to specific challenges in relation to program activities or to the function of the organization (such as communication, planning or documentation). 


Global Contact

Organizations wishing to host a volunteer should draw up Terms of Reference that include specific tasks, contact person and the conditions under which the volunteer works. Organizations should preferably identify a host family for the volunteer and guide and monitor the volunteer on a regular basis.