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Girls Education & Violence

Girls are often discriminated against within school, as well as within the community from teachers, parents and peers.

This leads to lower enrolment in school, poor retention and under-achievement. This in turn helps to perpetuate gender discrimination, restricting girls’ life choices and contributing to a continuing cycle of early pregnancy, early marriage and poor health.

The attitudes and behaviours of parents, teachers and other children have been identified by girls themselves as the key barriers to participation. In addition, teacher training often does not address gender issues or child-friendly teaching techniques, which lead to the marginalisation of girls within the classroom.

By working in a combined and sustainable manner with girls, boys, parents, teachers and other actors, we can approve the retention and achievement of girls in schools and have a wider impact on how far girls’ voices are valued in decisions that affect their lives.

Most ActionAid funded programmes around the world are working to improve the education of girls in one form or another.