Stop Violence Against Girls in Schools

With the support of the UK’s Big Lottery Fund, ActionAid has launched a new multi-country project called Stop Violence against Girls in School.

The Stop Violence Against Girls in School (SVAGS) project is being implemented simultaneously in Ghana, Kenya and Mozambique.

The project is working towards four key outcomes:

  • In Kenya, Ghana and Mozambique, a legal and policy framework that specifically addresses violence against girls exists and is being implemented at all levels
  • Violence against girls by family members, teachers and peers in the intervention districts is reduced by 50% from baseline statistics
  • In the portfolio intervention districts, enrolment of girls is increased by an average 22%, girls’ dropout rate decreases by an average 20% and substantial progress is made towards gender parity in education
  • 14,000 girls in the portfolio intervention districts report the confidence to challenge the culture of violence in and around schools
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