Water, forests and minerals

Land, water, forests and all other land-based natural resources are the key to providing food, livelihoods and a sustainable, dignified future.  

However, an increasing demand for biofuels, commercialization of food production and chemical input intensive agriculture are competing for limited land and water resources. This undermines food security and takes a heavy toll on the environment and climate.

Natural resources play a critical role in the lives of poor people. ActionAid works with people and communities to secure their rights to all natural resources and to ensure their surroundings are fairly and sustainably managed.  Such support, primarily focused on sustainable small-scale farming, can renew ecosystems while significantly reducing poverty and hunger.

ActionAid’s Land Grabs Campaign is supporting farmers in their struggle against land grabs, and campaigning to ensure that corporations and governments are accountable for abuses of the rights to land, water and other natural resources.