Women's rights to land

Across the world, millions of people, particularly women, need secure access to land, resources and supportive policies from their governments. 

Having secure access to and control over land increases peoples’ resilience in the face of hunger and poverty, enabling them to look into ways to manage them sustainably. Alongside access to land, security of land tenure is also important to ensure the right to food and other human rights, such as the rights to work and housing.

Together with our partners, we are working at all levels with rural women to strengthen their control over land and natural resources, as well as build their capacity to adapt to climate change. We are focusing on documenting and sharing best practices, raising awareness on corporate land grabs and their implications, building support bases and networks and campaigning for policy changes.

In India, for example, we are working with forest-dependent communities to organise and claim their rights to forest areas and resources and be part of the governance structures for such resources.

We carried out an EC-funded Women’s Rights to Land project, which aimed to empower poor and excluded landless women in Guatemala, India and Sierra Leone, to influence national policies to promote women’s equal rights to land, fight hunger and improve their livelihoods.

Our Land Grabs Campaign is also supporting farmers in their struggle against land grabs, and campaigning to ensure that corporations and governments are accountable for abuses of the rights to land, water and other natural resources.

Latest updates on land rights
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