ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Accountability at all levels

We will empower people living in poverty and exclusion to hold State and its institutions accountable for fulfillment of their basic.

We will work to ensure that the gains made in reforming local and national governance and promoting basic rights translate into greater benefits for people living in poverty and exclusion.
Outcome 5: Institutions, policies and legal frameworks promote the realization of basic rights to food, health, education and social security
Key Actions
  • Conduct public civic education and basic rights awareness campaigns.
  •  Promote the leadership of poor and excluded women in advocating for the fulfillment of basic rights.
  •  Support movements and grassroots organizations and build the capacity of poor women, youth and other movements of people living in poverty and exclusion to engage with duty bearers, monitor institutions and campaign for their basic rights.
  •  Build and strengthen movements and civil society coalitions to pursue basic rights.
  • Analyze local and national policy and support womenled pro-poor litigation on basic rights.
  • Advocate for the reduction and redistribution of women’s unpaid care work through the delivery of basic rights, services and social protection.

Outcome 6: Increased transparency and accountability in generation, allocation and use of resources to realize basic rights.

Key Actions:

  • Generation evidence on the frameworks on resource generation, allocation and utilization.
  •  Build capacity for women, youth and other rights holders on monitoring and influencing state resource generation, allocation and utilization.
  •  Work with rights holders to initiate women-led alternative budgets and resource allocation dialogues.


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