Women’s control over their bodies

Every woman has the right to make choices regarding their own sexuality and reproduction, and the right to access information and services needed to support these choices and optimise health. 

Denying women this control over their bodies underlies and sustains women’s economic, political, social and sexual subordination.

Yet throughout the world women and girls are forced to endure cruel, so-called “traditional” or “cultural” practices that deny these rights and cause them great suffering and harm.

These practices include Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), early or forced marriage, sex-selective abortion, dowry-related crimes, and honour crimes, among others.

We work with women and their communities to stop these and many other harmful practices through education, and by bringing women together to talk and create positive change. We also take action to put pressure on Governments to introduce laws banning such harmful practices, or, if they have already passed such laws, to enforce them effectively.

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