Working with youth

We work with youth across our four key areas: Education, Democratic Governance, Resilient Livelihoods and Women's Rights.

Our youth engagement is both civic and political in nature. For us:

  • Civic engagement is about young people's individual and collective actions to identify and address issues of public concern; and to get involved in non-partisan decision-making
  • Political engagement is about discussion and action that is aware and explicit about the power dimension. This is where young people's relationships to government and the state are "out in the open" - be that in voting, campaigning, lobbying or demonstrations against abuses.

Here you can see where we work with youth across the world:

(Markers with a dot on this map denote a country with an Activista campaigning presence, markers without a dot denote ActionAid country programmes only.)

Our work spans civic and political engagement through our campaigning and programme work:

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