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We work in 15 countries in Asia, supporting the poorest and most disadvantaged people – from trafficked women to exploited labourers to street children.

ActionAid Australia has been working to help people affected by conflict, natural disaster and poverty for over 40 years.

ActionAid Asia

The vast Asian continent is home to over half the world's population, and includes fast growing economies such as India and China.

ActionAid's work therefore focuses on the poorest and most disadvantaged people. This means working with tribal and homeless people, trafficked women, orphans and street children, small-scale farmers, bonded labourers and those rebuilding their lives devastated by natural disasters or conflict.

ActionAid Australia

On June 1 2009, world humanitarian aid organisation Austcare officially changed its name to ActionAid Australia.

By becoming a full affiliate of ActionAid, our Australia office has committed to uphold the values and work of the global network as well as continuing with its previous projects.

ActionAid Australia's office is in Sydney. The team have been working with the poorest and most disadvantaged people for over 40 years.

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