About Vietnam

ActionAid has been working in Vietnam since 1989, and we’ve formed partnerships with more than 20 local organisations. Over 100,000 households benefit from our work.

Giving marginalised people a voice

The rights of poor people, and women and ethnic minorities in particular, are often ignored. We help communities get organised, get heard and get what they need.

Influencing the government

We’ve set up partnerships with various branches of the government so they take action to support the poor. Issues we’re focusing on include human trafficking, education, food security, HIV/AIDS and gender equality.

Food rights

Everyone should have the right to eat – but food prices in Vietnam are rising, and climate change is making it harder for the poor to grow enough food on what little land they have. 

We give poor people practical support to improve their income and grow more food. We also campaign for changes to national and international policies that affect food supply.

Before the canal system was upgraded with ActionAid’s support, I used to be worried every time my son went out to get water. Water supplies were not reliable and fights for water were common. 

Now I no longer need to worry. Water is delivered to every plot and there is no more fighting.

Vietnam at a glance

  • Population: 90.5 million
  • GDP per person: US$3,100
  • Life expectancy: 70 men / 75 women
  • Adult literacy: 94% men / 87% women


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