The European Union is the world’s largest aid donor and the decisions that it makes have a major impact on the lives of millions of people in developing countries around the world.

Most of the money we invest in our development work is raised in Europe from Italy, Greece, Sweden, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Ireland and the UK.

Since our Brussels office was set up in 1999, we have worked to make sure that EU policies include a strong focus on the fight against extreme poverty, inequalities and global injustice.

Drawing on ActionAid’s experience working with communities in Africa, Asia and the Americas, our EU office is making the voices of people living in poverty heard by policymakers in Brussels. We push for changes in EU policies that shape their life.

Women around the world are more likely to live in poverty - just because they are women. They have less access to land, education, income and decision-making – all of which keeps them poor. We put women and women’s rights at the centre of all our work.

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