Young Urban Women

Life Choices & Livelihoods in Poor Urban Areas

With 2012 witnessing the highest ever urban populations and migration to towns and cities on the rise, levels of urban poverty are also increasing.

Young women are among the hardest hit by these pressures, but little research exists for programmes seeking to address young women’s needs in urban areas.

With this in mind, ActionAid commissioned three reports covering urban areas in India, Ghana and South Africa to better understand the opportunities and challenges faced by young urban women.

Our research forms the basis for an innovative global programme we hope to launch in 2013 that will be focussed on young women’s rights to decent work and sexual reproductive health. This programme will seek to increase women’s control and autonomy over their life choices, and seek to challenge gender norms that perpetuate inequality.

Women who are working and have to manage a family bear a double burden of work. They have to manage everything in the morning, cooks for the entire family, wash clothes, wash utensils, pack lunch for everyone, fill up water, and leave for work.

And after returning home, she would still have to finish the work and start preparing for the next day

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Click here for the Programme Framework

Read the report Young women: life choices and livelihoods in poor urban areas

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ActionAid would like to thank the Human Dignity Foundation for their support to the Young Women - Life Choices and Livelihoods in Urban Areas project

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