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"Gender should be the agenda"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 09:50

Women to me are special, not that I was born from one, but because their vitalness to society is great without recognition. Take a minute, think of how the world will be without a woman, how will the children be? Who would be their mother? These and many other questions can only be answered by a woman.

Like in my pre-humble, I mentioned of a special day for women which falls on the 8th of March every year. This day is called 'The International Womens Day'. On this day, women across the women take to the stage to demostrate how important this day is to them. This years celebration where comemorated under the global theme of  'Make it Happen'. In my country (Zambia) this theme was localised to “Gender my Agenda-Make it Happen”

File 28625ActionAid staff and Activista members march through Lusaka

Before I go into stating what I think about this years theme, I find it important to give an highlight of how the celebrations were. The 8th of March, this year was on a Sunday, meaning the following day was a public holiday meaning even more celebrations. Women from different sections of society expressed nothing but readness for this day. The male counterpats came in to support them as they celebrated their day. The Lusaka celebrations this year were held at the newly constructed Heroes Stadium, but other places had similar celebrations. The celebrations were preceeded by a match past from Emmasdale police to stadium.

The match past was full of fun, as women sang, danced and did things that could not be thought  of coming from them. I guess the just wanted to feel like kids again. 

Looking at this years localised theme, I personally think no other than this time could it probably have come. 'Gender is my agenda' to me means that firstly, gender has to be everyones agenda and business in way or another, why am I saying this, if we made gender our agenda and business, every decision we make will have to be gender sensitive. Secondly, it means putting into consideration all aspects that have to do with gender in all our activity. Therefore if we made gender our agenda,we will see a situation were this country will no longer have gender based violence cases because a persons will appreciate the role the other sex in society.

Therefore it is important to see to it that everyone is gender conscious and gender it is on his or her agenda. In doing so, this will empower those thought to excluded. At coporate level, this as to be over emphasised because once incorporated, it will see to it that both men and women have equal representation in the affairs of the the organisation and the nation at large.

As they say, “you educate a girl child -you educate the nation”, parents with a theme like that, they will see to it that a girl child is educated.

For years, a girl child have been looked down in terms of education, this has to a large extent lead to the negative impact on how a girl child is viewed in society. Therefore if parents are to make gender an agenda, this will see a stuation were girls are taken to school with the boys of the same house in the hope of educating the nation.

All in all, gender should be the agenda, encouraging women participation in decision for example should be the order of the day. Of late we, as a nation have witnessed the appointment Mama Inonge Wina to the position of vice presidecy. In as much as that reflects the right track to achieving gender equality, much is needed to be done to reach the point when gender equality will no longer make headlines. To make gender my agenda from happening, we have to work together. In this case Chiefs, the Government, the Civil Society, Churches, Parents and Children need to acknowledge the importance on gender and work towards making it happen.