ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.


ActionAid Zambia (AAZ) is part of ActionAid International which is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all. It works in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas to eliminate poverty and the inequalities and injustices that cause it. The organisation works at both national and local level directly and through partners. In Zambia the organisation works in four thematic areas; Women’s rights, Education and Youth, Agriculture and Natural Resource Management and Governance.


AAZ is among organisations selected to participate in the Queen’s Young Leadership Programme under an initiative called the Zambia Firestarter Initiative. The  project, ‘This is Our Moment-Youth Changing Zambia’, aims to support, connect and develop the capacity of youth organisations in Zambia through a reactive and open small grants scheme  under the AAZ thematic area of Education and Youth. The project will contribute to AAZ’s Country Strategy Plan‘s Key Change Promise/ Expected Result which relates to youth which is, A vibrant movement of 25 000 youths engages in critical dialogue, pioneers innovation and is providing effective leadership in shaping the development agenda and promoting good governance increasing livelihood and employment”.

The scheme is targeted at youth organisations and initiatives aimed at enabling youth to mobilise, participate, engage and be represented in decision making processes at local and national levels and become change agents in their communities.


The project is funded by the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust, in partnership with Comic Relief and The Royal Commonwealth Society, which has established The Queen’s Young Leaders Programme in honour of Her Majesty The Queen’s 60 years of service to the Commonwealth.


AAZ therefore invites interested youth organisations and groups to apply for the funding under this small grants scheme.


The following are the categories under which organizations may wish to apply;

Category 1: A maximum of K50, 000 each will be granted to not more than five (5) youth organizations or initiatives under this category

Category 2: A maximum of K75, 000 each will be granted to not more than five (5) youth organizations or initiatives under this category.

Category 3:  A maximum of K100, 000 each will be granted to not more than five (5) youth organizations or initiatives under this category.

Youth organisations interested in applying for the grants must have been in existence for at least one year.


Kindly note that only five (5) youth organisations or initiatives will be selected for each of the three categories.


1.      Application Process

Youth organisations interested in applying for a grant under the ‘This is our Moment- Youths Changing Zambia’ Project should follow the steps below:


STEP 1: Carefully review the eligibility criteria and selection guidelines below. This is an essential step in determining whether you should take the time to move to the next step in the application process.


STEP 2: Submit your expression of interest. All potential grantee partners are required to submit a preliminary concept idea using the format provided by AAZ by Tuesday, 31st May 2016 Your submission will be used to determine basic eligibility according to our selection criteria.


STEP 3: AAZ will give feedback to all applicants within two weeks after the closing date of receiving of Concept papers (Expressions of Interest) (31st May 2016).


 STEP 4: Successful Concept papers submitted will then be requested to develop and submit full proposals for further assessment. . If the full proposal is approved, we will issue a letter of agreement to the grantee partner, outlining the terms and conditions of the grant.


Note that on-the-spot Field Assessments for verification may be conducted to verify some provided information.

  1. Funding Criteria

Application for funding is open to youth organisations, clubs or initiatives meeting the following criteria;

                                I.            Must be youth-led, youth focused organisations reaching at least 50 people

                              II.            All members must be between the ages of 15 and 35 years old

                            III.            You must be focused on increasing youth in decision making at local, district or national level so that youth have more say in decisions affecting their lives

                            IV.            Must be legally registered under the Zambia Registration laws/Acts

                              V.            Must have a Board of Directors or Committee in place

                            VI.            The organization must have documented management and financial systems and procedures in place

                          VII.            And an organizational Bank Account with  minimum of three signatories


Additionally, applicants should also ensure that the project proposal considers the following aspects;

·         Include youth participation at all stages of the project

·         The project should have locally based activities that build skills and leadership of young people


·         Facilitate creation of spaces/platforms for young people to actively contribute to the development and well-being of their community

·         Include marginalized groups such as   youths living with disabilities

·         The project must promote gender equality

·         Foster inclusion of young people and support social connectedness

·         The organization or club must be recognized and trusted in their community

·         The project must demonstrate creativity and innovation in program strategies and approaches

·         The organization must have a strategy for ensuring long-term sustainability of their programs/activities



  1. What should the Action focus on?

The submitted projects should propose innovative and feasible action for development, by and for the youth, tackling youth-related issues aimed at improving youth representation in decision making on issues that affect their lives.

The grants are focused on projects that include any of the following themes;

  • Social inclusion

Social inclusion is a term that can be used to describe a series of positive actions to achieve equality of access to goods and services, to assist all individuals to participate in community and society, to encourage the contribution of all persons to social and cultural life and to be aware of and to challenge all forms of discrimination. By ensuring that the marginalised and those living in poverty have greater participation in decision-making on issues that affect their lives, we will allow them to improve their standard of living and overall well-being.


  • Civic Engagement and Participation

Civic engagement refers to the ways in which citizens participate in the life of a community in order to improve conditions for others or to help shape the community's future. This term is used here primarily in the context of younger people. And participation in this context means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference. It means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.


  • Social Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation

Social entrepreneurship is the attempt to draw upon business techniques and private sector approaches to find solutions to social, cultural or environmental problems. A social innovation is a novel solution to a social problem that is more effective, efficient, sustainable, or just than current solutions. The value created accrues primarily to society rather than to private individuals


  • Democracy

Democracy is a means for the people to choose their leaders and to hold their leaders accountable for their policies and their conduct in office. The people decide who will represent them in parliament, and who will head the government at the national and local levels.  They do so by choosing between competing parties in regular, free and fair elections. Government is based on the consent of the governed. In a democracy, the people are sovereign—they are the highest form of political authority. Power flows from the people to the leaders of government, who hold power only temporarily.


  • Strengthening of youth voices

Increased voice and participation of youth in issues that affect them and their peers.


  • Skills development

Skills development is the process of (1) identifying your skill gaps, and (2) developing and honing these skills. This may mean any skills that may be relevant to young people.


  1. You cannot apply for

Interested youth groups CANNOT apply for the following;

·         Projects that only benefit an individual.

·         Building or construction projects

·         Salaries and Wages.

·         Projects which promote religious or political beliefs.

·         Any project that cannot be delivered within the financial year it was awarded.

·         Projects cannot be funded if they have already received funding from other sources.

·         AAZ will not fund commercial or for profit organisations

·         AAZ will not fund any academic or medical research projects

And any other project which AAZ might deem not fit to receive the funding.


  1. Project outcomes

AAZ expects the following as key outcomes from projects funded by the grants;

i)                    Young people are actively engaged, represented and empowered to participate in decision making roles on issues that affect their lives 

ii)                  Youth-led organisations in Zambia have a stronger capacity to implement projects and programmes

iii)                The youth sector in Zambia is better coordinated, shares good practices and promotes peer to peer learning

iv)                ActionAid Zambia has a transparent and accessible sub granting scheme for youth organisations in Zambia


  1. Application Checklist

The following is a checklist for applicants;

  • Make sure that the name; telephone number, address and email are correct
  • Your project description must be clear, answer questions as fully as possible
  • Include the following;
  • 1. Latest bank statement
  • 2. Evidence of Board or Committee
  • 3. Certified copies of identity cards of Board of Directors or Committee members  and registration certificates
  • 4. Narrative report of immediate past activity
  • 5. Recommendation from a local organization e.g church
  • Evidence of youth membership
  1. Application Requirements

All Expressions of Interest must be completed using the provided template.

All applications must be in English and submitted electronically via email to: Interested applicants may also send the project proposals by posting to ActionAid Zambia, P O Box 51407.


Interested organizations may obtain further information from ActionAid Zambia offices on 38G Kabulonga Road, Ibex Hill, Lusaka or our LRP offices in Mbala, Mpika, Nakonde, Lukulu, Mpulungu, Sesheke, Nalolo.


Or contact us:

Lusaka Office; 0966 453 677, Mbala; +26 (0) 214 450022, Mpika; 26 (0) 979 150 152, Nakonde; +26 (0) 214 567036, Nalolo; Mpulungu; Lukulu


The deadline for submission is not later than Tuesday, 31st May 2016. Project proposals submitted after this date will not be considered.


ActionAid Zambia reserves the right to select successful applicants to fund