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Advancing women's rights

The status of women in Zambia has historically remained low mainly due to imbalances in power relations between men and women. Most women have continued to hold second place to men in significant aspects of political, social and economic life and therefore continue to face discrimination.

Like many African societies, cultural beliefs and traditional practices as well as the patriarchal nature of the Zambian society have been responsible for the women’s low status.

In many rural areas, some traditional practices such as bride price ,early marriages, side-lining of women in decision making processes ,violence against women and abuse perpetuate power relations that continue to prevent women from accessing and enjoying their basic social ,political and economic rights.

ActionAid Zambia works to promote the rights of women in Zambia. In particular, ActionAid Zambia will focus on advancing women's safety and control over their bodies to eliminate all forms of violence against women and girls.  We also work to support women have a voice both in and outside of their homes and enhance their ability to participate in decision making processes by bringing women together and creating safe spaces and platforms through which women will interact, organize and act.

ActionAid Zambia also explores ways and opportunities to inspire and motivate women to participate in public life, and more importantly to demand fulfilment of their rights, including the right to own land, property and other resources.


Advancing women's rights
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