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Education and youth engagement

The typical Zambian child is not aware of their rights and is often subjected to corporal punishment both at school and in the home and outside the school, this child will also contribute to the functioning and survival of the household through provision of labour for agriculture, vending of food stuffs and other commodities, and collecting of seasonal fruits and foods for consumption and income generation for the household and to meet school requirements. 

The typical Zambian youth is often out of school, with no or limited opportunities for further education or skills training, is unemployed with little prospects of employment and is also highly disaffected and has no opportunities to meaningfully engage decision makers who are perceived to be unresponsive to the rights of youths. The  youth are also unable to access any form of credit, and for survival, depends mainly on petty trading, wage labour on commercial farms and other industries and  will also enter marriage early, particularly for the female youths, who will have children early and quickly transition into adulthood,  for immediate and extended family.

ActionAid Zambia pilots innovations and models that will be the basis for influencing government and stakeholders to develop and implement relevant educational polices, revise plans and initiate actions to take on board these models.

For youth engagement, ActionAid Zambia focuses on building the Activists network and utilising this platform to build solidarity among youths and to enhance their ability to lead and participate in tax justice and relevant key campaign initiatives. 

Education and youth engagement
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