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Promoting agriculture and natural resources management

Agriculture production in Zambia has remained the major source of food income especially in rural areas where the majority of the poor reside. However, food production has been affected by a number of factors that have contributed to food insecurity and reduced incomes at household level.

The typical Zambian smallholder farmer is dependent on rain-fed agriculture, producing mainly maize both for consumption and for sale but never enough to sustain the household or raise the needed income. The typical farmer is also dependent on input and fertiliser support provided by government on credit, but a good proportion of these farmers are unable to access this facility due to lack of information, and often unable to pay fees demanded by cooperatives or farmers associations through which this support is channelled. They are also often unable to access extension support to improve farming methods.

It is against this background that ActionAid Zambia mainly focuses on supporting poor farmers particularly women, to engage government, the private sector, traditional and local authorities on land reforms, particularly land access, ownership and control by women.

ActionAid Zambia works to advance climate smart agricultural practices for smallholder farmers with a core focus on women. Low cost and sustainable agriculture farming methods will therefore be supported and piloted, particularly on the aspect of reducing labour and drudgery where such methods have been a challenge in the past, especially for women.

Promoting agriculture and natural resources management
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