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ActionAid Mbire Floods Response-Community speaks out

Monday, April 7, 2014 - 14:51

I am Lewis Nyamushamba, the councillor for ward 16 in Mbire District Mashonaland Central Province Zimbabwe. The Ward comprises of 2000 households and 800 were affected by floods which hit Mbire between mid- January and mid-February 2014. As Councillor.  I was part and parcel of the members of the community involved in the selection of beneficiaries for the distribution of agricultural inputs and livestock chemicals made available by ActionAid Zimbabwe in response to the floods.  I was working together with Lower Gururve Development Association (LGDA), ActionAid Zimbabwe Partner, village development committees selected by the community to be part of the registration team, church leaders, chiefs and village heads to select the most vulnerable community members to receive the goods.  

The selection team identified 165 households from Ward 16 out of the 800 households affected by floods to benefit from the ActionAid  Zimbabwe floods response programme. The floods affected seven wards in Mbire and 750 households from the seven wards benefitted from the ActionAid Zimbabwe floods response programme. Beneficiaries were mainly the elderly, people living with disabilities, single mothers and fathers, child headed-families, widows and widowers and people suffering from chronic diseases. Each recipient recieved 10kilograms of early maturing maize seed which if planted now (March 2014) it is expected to be ripe within 2 months. Because of the availability of water along the rivers where we plant, the crops will mature quickly and people will soon have food to eat between May and harvest in June.

 ActionAid Zimbabwe also made available dipping and dosing chemicals and equipment for livestock production benefitting 15 wards of Mbire District where a high population of cattle is. This will go a long way in avoiding an outbreak of diseases that was likely to be caused by the floods effect.  The chemicals and equipment will be under the custodianship of the community and the government Department of Veterinary Services.

I would like to thank ActionAid Zimbabwe and LGDA for their unwavering support by responding to the Mbire floods, you are the only ones so far who have responded to the Mbire floods.In giving us maize seed, you have given us a rod to fish instead of giving us food hand-outs which will be finished tomorrow.