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Coping with climate change, woman farmer testimony

Friday, September 7, 2018 - 13:40

My name is Portia Mukondo, a 44-year-old farmer from Mutsahuni Village in Makoni District, Manicaland. My village falls in region 4 and naturally we receive very little rainfall. Over the last few years, rainfall amounts received annually have decreased and we now face droughts almost every year. Our crops rarely grow to maturity and our livestock die of hunger and lack of water. We experienced continuous food shortages for the past years due to climate change. As such, we failed to adequately feed our families and sustain them.

However, my story changed when we started working with ActionAid Zimbabwe (AAZ). They introduced cash support to individuals affected with drought to assist them with buying food since 2016.  AAZ helped us to form income and savings groups. We received training on how to increase our income, savings and how to generate capital for other personal projects. I subsequently started rearing livestock to improve my family’s nutrition.  AAZ also rehabilitated the borehole in my village to improve the accessibility of water. Now I do not have to travel for more than 2kms to the nearest borehole as it causes fatigue. I am so grateful to AAZ for assisting my village, helping us adapt and cope with the effects of climate change.