ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Mitra Malekzad, 21 year old woman hailing from Khoristan district of northern Afghanistan, found ActionAid a safer place for women to work with. She started working with AAA in November 2013 as an Intern and wouldn’t expect to be a part-time AAA staff member after completion of her internship. 



“I learnt and perceived ‘no good things’ on NGOs in a strict and conservative environment like the one that exists in my family and was worried about of that while I joined in AAA. I didn’t even know how to approach a colleague in the work place”. Mitra was telling her first-day office experience in AAA. “I didn’t know anything about maintaining a personal file, preparing Contracts and Offer Letters, maintaining HRMIS (Human Resource Management Information System) before joining here”.

During the time of her internship, Mitra received intensive on-the-job and formal trainings on HRMIS, compliance and documentation related to HR to enrich her knowledge and skillset to further explore her career on broader HRMIS.

 “I never had a chance to work amongst professionals and supportive colleagues and a friendly working environment like AAA which I really like to; of which, I deliver good results that will boost up my confident to further explore leadership role in future”.

 Mitra’s parent was very reluctant to allow her doing job in NGOs. But they are happy that their daughter is improving her skill and doing well in ActionAid. Her father, Mr. Fazal Rabi, said “We regretted jobs in private companies due to the work environment that my daughter enjoys in AAA. If she wishes to continue her job in AAA for longer period we will be happy”.

Upon completion her graduation in Computer Science and Engineering from Kabul Polytechnique University in 2015 she wanted to be a full time staff member of AAA and in a few years time Mitra wanted to see her in leadership position in Afghanistan.

ActionAid Afghanistan introduced internship programme to assist in human capital development, experience building of fresh graduates and individuals interested in the development sector. Through internship AAA promotes women in leadership positions with intensive on-the-job training for six months. Interns who successfully complete their tenure often offer job by ActionAid.