ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

What we do

We focus on the people that others forget. People in poverty. People who face discrimination. People whose voices are ignored.

We help people fight for the rights that they are denied. Simple things, like the right to eat. The right to stay on their land. To an education. To have a say in the decisions that shape their lives.

We’re not about giving handouts or telling people what to do, because in the long run we know that doesn’t work. Instead, we use our resources, influence and experience to help people find their own solutions.

We listen to what people really want and need. We help communities take action together to hold their governments to account, and we give local organisations our support where they need it. Together, we’re making a lasting difference.


In its current Country Strategy Plan for 2014-2018 entitled “Strengthening Citizens Actions against Poverty,” ActionAid Zimbabwe has prioritized three strategic objectives namely:

Strategic Objective 1: Promote improved livelihoods and enhanced rights to land and natural resources for at least 40,000 rural smallholder producers (25,000 being women and 15,000 being men) and their households.

Key Change Promise 1:

Sustainable livelihoods, food and nutrition security for 40,000 smallholder producers (at least 25,000 being women) by 2018

Strategic Objective 2: Support people living in poverty being 153,000 adult women, young women and men, children to engage the government and corporates for improved social service delivery

Key Change Promise 2:

By 2018, through holding central government, local governments and corporates to account, ActionAid Zimbabwe and its partners will facilitate improvements in the quality, equity and gender responsiveness of public services for 340,000 adult women and young women and men, children and other people living in poverty in selected rural, peri-urban and urban communities in Zimbabwe.

Strategic Objective 3: Ensure that 300,000 women and girls can break the cycle of violence and claim control over their bodies

Key Change Promise 3:

By 2018, 300,000 Women and Girls living in poverty have control over their bodies and sexuality, through challenging and rejecting Gender Based Violence and securing access to comprehensive care and quality support services including Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, socio-economic and legal rights.


 The following four main organisational priorities will support the realisation of AAZ strategic objectives:

1.      Deepening the impact of our work by having an effective programme framework that ensures integration, coherence and quality at all

2.      Diversify and raise our income to more than 15 million pounds by 2018

3.      Increasing our people power, valuing our staff and specifically investing in women's leadership

4. Establishing effective systems and processes to improve financial management, planning and reporting and the monitoring of our work.


ActionAid Zimbabwe is working with CBOs, civil society organisations (CSOs), coalitions, networks and movements working towards the eradication of poverty and injustice among women, children and youth. The following are some of the specific groups targeted:

  • Women, youth and children (boys and girls) in and out of school and their communities living in poverty.
  • Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC)
  • People affected and living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHAS), People with Disabilities and Widows
  • Movements and organisations of women, youth and children and other excluded social groups  
  • Mining communities, small holder famers, micro- and small scale entrepreneurs


Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA)

As an organisation, we believe an end to poverty and injustice can be achieved through purposeful individual and collective action, led by active agency of people living in poverty and supported by solidarity, credible rights-based alternatives and campaigns that address the structural causes and consequences of poverty.

Partnership Approach

The partnership approach is a key principle in AAI’s HRBA. Strong and sustainable partnerships are critical for the deepening of the programme quality and positive impact on the lives of women and other people living in poverty. ActionAid Zimbabwe Partnership and HRBA principles are based on equality, mutual accountability and transparency, mutual ownership of decisions and open communication. The organization works in partnership with independent local and national organisations, including but not limited to Community based organisations (CBOs), NGOs, Women’s Organisations, Farmers Organisations, Youth Organisations, like minded Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and other progressive social movements that cater for the needs of women, children and youth.

Principles that guide our HRBA work

·         We advance women’s rights

·         We work in partnership

·         We put people living in poverty first and enable their active agency as rights activists

·         We analyse and confront unequal power

·         We are accountable and transparent

·         We rigorously monitor and evaluate to evidence our impact and we critically reflect and learn to improve our work

·         We ensure links across levels-local, national, regional and international- to ensure we are addressing structural causes of poverty

·         We are innovative, solutions-oriented and promote credible alternatives


ActionAid Zimbabwe is increasing its presence in Zimbabwe through enhanced support to women, youth and children. It has a fairly big programme which constitutes work in Local Development Programmes (LDPs) in rural areas and donor funded projects in urban and peri-urban areas. ActionAid Zimbabwe is scaling up and deepening the integration of the HRBA advancing women’s rights including advocacy and campaign activities in its work at local and national levels. It is currently working in partnership with 24 organisations which constitute Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Nationally based organisations.

Local Development Programmes (LDPs)

To date ActionAid Zimbabwe addresses the needs of women, youths and children in selected rural districts through the promotion of sustainable agriculture and disaster risk practices, women’s rights and access to quality basic services such as education and health. The support of ActionAid Zimabbwe is delivered through long term partnerships in Local Development Programmes (LDPs). Currently, ActionAid Zimbawe works with nine (9) CBOs and NGOs in nine (9) LDPs in Makoni, Chiendambuya, Saunyama, Nyazura, Nyamaropa and Nyanga in Manicaland province, Hwedza in Mashonaland East province and Nkayi and Binga in Matabeleland North province. The purpose of setting up LDPs structures is to strengthen partnership with communities and deepen and consolidate the impact of ActionAid Zimbabwe’s support on the lives of women, youth, children and other people living in poverty.

Project based partnerships

ActionAid Zimbabwe is working with 10 project based partners comprising CBOs, nationally based organisations and strategic partnerships on promoting transparency and accountability within local government and corporate structures. The work include assisting women, the youth, girls and boys in engaging the government and corporates for improved social service delivery in socio economic sectors including the extractives sector. ActionAid Zimabwbe is also working with two (2) project partners in the implementation of resilient sustainable agriculture programmes. The organisation is working in partnership with three (3) project partners and 20 strategic partnerships in the implementation a Safe Cities Campaign which is empowering women and girls to challenge violence in the public sphere.