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796 children enrolled to school through CECs

It was my dream to get education like the other girls, I was very disappointed seeing a dark future waiting for me because my parents were against education, and they were saying that I would never be able to join school, on the other hand I was getting older day by day. But after the awareness given to my parents by Child Enabling Committee, now they are agree that I go to school, sometimes even they force me to go to school when I get late, I think I am about to reach my dream to become a doctor in future, Thanks ActionAid for your support” Says Hamida (12) from FathAbad village.

Our 15 Child enabling committees in 15 villages did their level of best through convincing parents to let their children be educated. According to the attendance sheet of 28 schools across Murdian district, 796 children (381 girls and 415 boys) enrolled this year that before CECs the number of enrolment was about 320 in total. This is significant achievement for entire community and child enabling committees.

The members of CECs comprised of community elders, community development councils, parents and teachers that are established with the support of ActionAid in 2012. Just like other community based structures, CECs have monthly wise meeting which they discus on children situation at village and district levels. They solve the children conflict at local level and they monitor from schools to bring facility for children at schools.