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    The Tax, Privatisation and the Right to Education: influencing education financing policy project (the Hill’s project) is a multi-country education and tax justice project that brings together four countries (Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Pakistan) working towards a common goal, which is to ensure that all children have improved access to public education of a high standard, financed through greater government support and increases in fair tax revenue. The project is funded by private donors. A summary of the project can be found here.

    The Breaking Barriers project is a four year, Norad-funded multi country project which seeks to address some of the key barriers that prevent children, especially girls and vulnerable children from enjoying their right to free, quality, inclusive public education in Malawi, Mozambique, Nigeria and Tanzania. Included in the barriers are: discrimination, inadequate financing and the proliferation of private, low-cost schools. The project’s objectives are structured around ActionAid’s 4S framework for education financing, emphasising the need to ensure that:

    1. Governments take actions to increase the SIZE of national budgets by raising fair tax
    2. Governments take actions to increase the SHARE of funds allocated to and spent on free, quality, inclusive public education
    3. Public education policies, systems and expenditure are SENSITIVE to the rights of girls and marginalised children
    4. A strong active movement of community and civil society structures effectively SCRUTINISE education budgets and expenditure and hold governments to account for the provision of free, quality, inclusive public education especially for girls and marginalised children

    Through a combination of participatory local research and desk research at national and international levels, the ActionAid country offices involved in the two projects are committed to gathering evidence to support effective advocacy and campaigning for free, quality, inclusive public education – especially for girls, children with disability and other marginalised groups - including on the role of private providers in education.

    At the same time, the Right to Education Initiative and other education stakeholders are working together to develop 'Human rights guiding principles on states' obligations regarding private actors' involvement in education’ (‘Guiding Principles’) that compile existing customary and conventional human rights law as it relates to the provision of education, including its delivery by private actors. The Guiding Principles are intended to be operational in and adaptable to different contexts and to provide a basis for advocacy, policy development, and litigation. Following extensive consultation, the guidelines are close to being finalised and will be formally approved by a prominent group of experts in February 2019.

    Following the adoption of the Guiding Principles, an implementation roadmap will be put in place to ensure that they are not mere theory but lead to concrete implementation. The roadmap will explore at least five avenues that have already been identified throughout the consultation:

    1. Community-level awareness raising and mobilisation
    2. Political mobilisation through discussion and adoption at fora such as UNESCO, UN Human Rights Council, African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, etc.
    3. Capacity building and technical support to States
    4. Research and academic dissemination
    5. Accountability mechanisms and litigation
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    DIRECTORATE/CLUSTER: Finance & Operations

    Position: Financial Planning & Reporting Manager (Grade: E)

    Location: Nairobi, or Johannesburg Hub

    Duration: Open Ended

    Role overview

    Responsible for managing the long term and operational financial planning and reporting for the Federation and the International Secretariat, including aggregated financial reports for the organisation on a quarterly and annual basis and for the review of these reports. The role is responsible to deliver excellent customer support for users of Finance Consolidation and Reporting systems. This position will support the administration, maintenance and further development of the Federation Planning and Reporting consolidation processes in the new Global financial system(GFS). In addition, the role will assist the International Secretariat Finance team and the wider Global Finance Function with report writing and development of reports for the actuals reporting, budget and forecast processes and in maintaining and developing an in-house web-based data collection tool

  3. Salary: 
    111,503.00 ILS to 143,982.00 ILS (Israeli shekel) gross per annum.
    Closing date for applications: 

    Advocacy & Campaigning Manager

    Location: West Bank, occupied Palestinian territory

    Duration: 12 months

    National plus terms and conditions of employment will apply

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    Terms of Reference


    Consultant UN Mapping

    Mapping of UN bodies to establish the best way forward for fundraising and engagement for ActionAid.

    Approximately 7-10 working days