Consultancy Opportunity: M&E and Research

ActionAid International is looking to recruit an independent consultant (or consultancy team) to support the M&E and research components of a multi-country project focusing on education and domestic resource mobilisation in Ethiopia, Malawi, Mozambique, Myanmar, Nepal and Tanzania.

The project, entitled Promoting Quality Education through Domestic Resource Mobilisation, is funded by the Norwegian Agency for Development Corporation (NORAD) and its overall goal is to ensure that children (especially girls) have improved access to public education of a high standard, financed through greater government support and increases in fair tax revenue.

The project started in July 2015 and will finish in December 2017 with an inception phase running from July to October 2015. The project has a significant research component and in the 4 main countries, ActionAid and partner organisations have committed to gathering evidence at different levels and at different moments in the project’s lifetime. These include:

  1. Local level: Local level research will include participatory research on the quality, provision and financing of public education to create a strong local evidence base for local education improvements and for local and national advocacy. The information generated will contribute to the production of baseline and endline data as well as district and national level reports. This research will be conducted in 4 out of the 6 countries, i.e. Malawi, Mozambique, Nepal and Tanzania.

  1. National level: at national level, in addition to the production of national-level Citizens’ Education Reports, research will be carried out on the domestic financing of education, building on existing research, looking at harmful corporate tax incentives/avoidance and fair tax laws. The project will look at what lost tax revenue could do in expanding financing for education and how to ensure such funds are allocated to education. Where possible the project will use local strategic opportunities to prioritise resources for girls’ education.

  1. International research: at international level, the project will produce comparative multi-country research on the cost of (girls’) education and how progressive tax reform and increased tax revenue could finance this. International research will build on and consolidate findings from local and national evidence and research reports.

Given the links between the different research components of the project it is crucial that there is a strong level of coordination to ensure a shared focus and common threads run through them all, as this will facilitate the consolidation of evidence that can be used to contribute to international level advocacy and campaigning.

ActionAid is thus looking to recruit an independent consultant (or consultancy team) to provide high-level technical advice and support during the life-time of the project from baseline through to endline. This will include drafting consolidated baseline and endline reports as well as producing a comparative study drawing on national level reports from all 6 countries. The full Terms of Reference including details of how to apply are available here. The deadline for applying is Friday 22nd January 2016. We are aiming to finalise selection by 1st February to enable consultant/s to take part in the baseline design workshop scheduled for the week of 22nd February 2016.