Developed countries must make good their promises on funding says ActionAid as climate talks close

As UN climate talks in Bonn close, international NGO ActionAid said negotiations were making progress, but developed countries must make good their promises on funding.

Teresa Anderson, climate policy officer for ActionAid International said:

"In spite of uncertainty around the US' commitment to the Paris Agreement, negotiators in Bonn did not get distracted, and instead got on with the job at hand.  There are really two parallel tracks in this process, both requiring enormous efforts. First of all, all countries are coming together under the UNFCCC, to write the rulebook for the implementation of the Paris Agreement. The second track, no less important, is about accelerating action at home.

“For both of these areas of work, the key test will always be whether they help the planet to meet the Paris Agreement goal of limiting warming to 1.5°C. Nothing less will be good enough for the communities who are on the frontline of climate impacts."

"Writing a brand new rulebook post-Paris began with a fair amount of head-scratching. But slowly, slowly, ideas are taking shape. Negotiators have begun to sketch an outline of the rulebook, and when they come back for the next round of negotiations they'll be ready to do the colouring in."

"It's clear that developed countries' reluctance to deliver on their financial goals is infecting a number of different streams of negotiations. In discussions on agriculture and adaptation, for example, vulnerable countries' efforts to move towards implementation, were stalled by developed countries' apparent allergy to anything that has cost implications."

Editors' notes

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