Marielle Franco: Statement from ActionAid Brazil and ActionAid International

We are deeply saddened by the brutal murder of activist and Rio de Janeiro´s city councillor Marielle Franco, and her driver Anderson Pedro Gomes on the evening of Wednesday 14 March. 

As an organization dedicated to the defence of a just world, ActionAid shares the grief and sorrow caused by her death and we extend our solidarity to their families and to Marielle´s fellow activists. It is crucial that all evidence involved in this critical incident is investigated and that the process is fully accountable.

Marielle was born and raised in Maré favela complex, where ActionAid Brazil has worked in partnership with the organisation Redes da Maré to fight poverty since 2010. As a black woman and resident of a favela, her life trajectory represents the overcoming of the inequalities that deeply mark Brazilian society.

In her tireless pursuit of an equal society, which led her to be the fifth most voted for city councillor of Rio de Janeiro in 2016, she dedicated her life to transform the rights of all vulnerable people of Rio.  Her death reaches our entire society.

ActionAid will continue to work side by side with Redes da Maré and all vulnerable people in the struggle for human rights for all and to build a just society.