ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

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    ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) is a human rights based organisation that works with poor and excluded communities, promoting their rights and empowering people living in poverty to take necessary action to end poverty. We believe that an end to poverty and injustice can be achieved in Nigeria through purposeful individual and collective action, led by the active agency of people living in poverty and supported by solidary, credible rights-based alternatives and campaigns that address the structural causes and consequences of poverty.  AAN operates at the local, national and international spheres, working in partnership with civil society organisation, community based groups, labour movements, coalitions, networks and social movements to advance the cause of the poor and excluded.

     In ActionAid Nigeria, Women’s rights are both a standalone and a mainstreamed priority – cutting across other thematic areas. This study seeks to explore outcomes and impact of our Women’s Rights Programming, especially regarding power shifts, through the lens of women leadership at community levels. The analysis will involve looking at power shifts at community, state and national level – from personal, household, peer group, community at the connections between therein.  

    The study will in particular explore possible and identified power shifts around violence against women and girls, women’s access and control over productive resources, and women’s participation in decision making spaces. It will identify changes in attitudes, behaviours and norms in support of, or otherwise, of advancing the rights of women as a result of ActionAid Nigeria’s work. Other outcomes, including unexpected outcomes, as a result of ActionAid Nigeria’s work on women leadership at community levels will also be identified by this study. Furthermore, the study will capture lessons learnt on how women’s rights have been mainstreamed in our work.  

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    ActionAid Nigeria (AAN) is implementing Phase 2 of the Public Financing of Agriculture (PFA) Project. The Phase 2 is designed to strengthen and deepen public financing of agriculture, as well as enhance the voice and participation of smallholder women farmers in agricultural policy making processes at local, state and national levels in Nigeria. It also focuses on issues of poor access and control over land, as well as limited support to smallholder women farmers by government. These include lack of access to agricultural credit/finance, lack of business development/incubation support, advisory services, access to market, and lack of access to subsidised inputs, training, technology, and crop/livestock insurance, amongst others.

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