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Baseline Research on FGM/C Consultant

ActionAid International Somaliland is seeking a consultant (s) to conduct nation-wide research that will also serve as a project baseline on FGM/C in Somaliland. The project Empowering Communities to Abandon FGM/C, implemented with SOWDA and WAAPO, started in October 2015. The Consultant or research team/organization is required to support with data collection on the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of a representative sample of community members and other key stakeholders and produce a comprehensive report. The terms of Reference sets out the scope and details of the work to be undertaken.

Overall Objectives

The Specific objectives for the baseline research is to collect qualitative and quantitative data on attitudes, knowledge and behaviors related to female Genital Mutilation/Cutting( FGM/C) in Somaliland.

Specific objectives

  1.  Provide detailed contextual information/situation analysis on attitudes, knowledge and behavior of communities and stakeholders in Somaliland relating to FGM/C to help refine the project theory of change , activities and objectives.
  2.  Gather data from a nationally representative sample of women and men on FGM/C prevalence rates to inform national advocacy initiatives.
  3.   Gather relevant baseline data for key project indicators to enable changes in beneficiaries lives to be measured over the course of the project and in relation to a control group .
  4. As part of the baseline, provide training to project staff (alongside data collectors) on data collection and research ethics.
  5.   Develop recommendations for on-going project monitoring, learning and final impact assessment.