About us in Senegal

Senegal is one of Africa’s most stable democracies. But we’ve also got the fastest-growing population on the continent. With so many young people needing an education, there’s only enough primary school places for every other child.

Nearly half the population is unemployed. Most people rely on farming to make a living, but there’s not a lot of fertile land to go around.

ActionAid in Senegal

We’ve been working in Senegal for a decade to improve the prospects for children and their families. 

Getting more children into school

Senegal doesn’t have enough teachers, and many parents can’t afford to pay for school fees and uniforms. 

We’re working with local communities to get more affordable schooling for everyone, particularly in rural areas. We’re also encouraging children – especially girls – to continue their education for longer.

Farming for food and profit

We’re training small farmers to set up irrigation schemes, improve their soil and grow more productive and profitable crops. That means they can grow enough to feed their families, and sell the rest so they can buy the things they need and send their kids to school. 


Many people in Senegal, especially young children, die from diseases that could be prevented or treated. In rural areas, there often aren’t enough medical staff and facilities. 

By training health workers, educating people about hygiene and sanitation, and showing people things they can do to prevent malaria, we’re helping to save lives.

Senegal at a glance

  • Population: 12.8 million
  • GDP per person: US$1,253  
  • Life expectancy:  58 men /62 women
  • Adult literacy: 51% men /29% women


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