ActionAid is a global movement of people working together to further human rights and defeat poverty for all.

Where we work

In 2015, ActionAid Nepal is working in 15 Local Rights Programme in 21 different district of Nepal, with 23 long term partners.

Our regional offices are located in the Eastern, the western and we also have Kathmandu managed LRPs. The regional offices are also referred as Eastern Resource centre (ERC), Western Resource Centre (WRC) and Kathmandu Managed LRPs.

With the LRPs programme, three regional also have short term partnerships and project that are implemented in the regions. Along with this resource centre are equally responsible for regional campaigns, initiatives, building and strengthening regional alliances.

Where we work
  • Western resource centre is currently working with 6 Local rights Programme and 9 long term partners. The projects currently in this region are;

  • Eastern Resource Centre was established in 1996 in Biratnagar.Eastern Resource Centre are involved in 6 Local Rights Programme and working with 10 long term partners. The projects running in this region are; 

  • Kathmandu Managed Local Rights Programme includes two working areas with 4 long term partners.